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Dr. Robert Maroon Chula Vista, CA

In 2007 my wife went to the dental offices of Dr. Robert Maroon in Chula Vista, CA. His sister treated my wife with several root canals and some crowns which were all the result of botched fillings. In the end my wife suffered through extreme pain and discomfort as a result of the treatment she received. Before we moved to Texas she had to visit an Endodontist and have emergency treatment of the teeth that Dr. Maroon's sister treated. The emergency treatment relieved some of the pain and we are very grateful to Dr. Masters in National City for taking my wife's case on such short notice and relieving her pain. I approached Dr. Maroon on more than one occasion through mail and email to request that he refund the money that he charged my wife only for the treatment that had to be repaired on an emergency basis because he charged my insurance company and we had to pay the full amount for the emergency services that were required to relieve my wife's pain enough for her to travel on our move to Texas. Dr. Maroon has ignored my pleas for him to do the right thing and so I am taking matters into my own hands and publishing the lousy treatment performed by his sister and covered up by him in the hopes that other patients will reconsider if they are thinking about going to his office for their dental treatment. I'm not even sure if his sister is licensed based on how she screwed up my wife's teeth but if she is, she must have slept through dental school because everything she did to my wife had to have emergency repairs done. Of course this is just my opinion based on the treatment I received but I also found other web sites that identified him as THE WORST dentist in the history of the world. I agree but they should have included his sister in the comparison. My wife said that she does know quite abit about shopping for purses so my guess is that her mind is on shopping even when she is treating patients. Be ware.


Carothers Home Sales Killeen, TX

In 2009 my wife and I purchased a home from Carothers Home Sales in Harker Heights, TX. At first we were very happy. There were some minor things wrong with the home as there is with any home but when they put the windows into the frame they were totally different than what my wife had requested. We asked about changing them to the correct style and were told that it would cost us $5,000 to correct their mistake and to make matters worse they showed us a document selecting the windows about to go in and we had no idea that we had selected those windows. We lived with it because the cost was a little high for us. After the house was finished we found out that our refrigerator doors would not open far enough to allow us full access to the inside nor to pull out the shelves to clean them without pulling the refrigerator out into the middle of the floor. I tried for more than a year to make an appointment with the builder to try and get the issue corrected. After I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau I finally got a return call from the builder and an appointment. I went to talk with him and he told me that we signed the floor plan drawing so it was our fault that we accepted the house with the defect in the refrigerator space. I tried to explain that I didn't know anything about drawings for houses and the drawing looked good to me but when the real refrigerator showed up it didn't fit. He made a feeble attempt to offer us a deal on a very sub-standard replacement but would not take any responsibility for the botched drawings. Legally speaking it was our fault for signing the drawings and I would recommend that if you do business with this builder that you not sign your drawing until you make sure that all of your appliances are accessible with full functionality. Also if you pay for a little extra change in the design of any tile, make sure you are standing there watching the people who install the tile on the walls because they will end up being crooked and not making a very good match in the pattern. And have the city inspector verify that your lot is properly graded for drainage. You don't want to end up with a flood in your front yard as I did because the rain spouts dump everything into your front porch. I attempted to get some top soil to correct the problem. The builder had someone dump three shovels full of soil in my yard then leave. Didn't do much to correct the problem after they said they would bring some dirt in. I ended up having to put in drain tubes to route the water around the house. The point is that Carothers Home Sales advertises themselves almost as a custom builder. They did a lot of extra work on my home, for which I had to pay extra of course, but the quality of the extra work was very low. The after sales support was non-existant except for a few times with one of the building supervisors named Rod. He provided a lot more support than the builder actually did. I bought this particular lot because there is a green area behind it. I was told on more than one occasion when I asked, that the green area was zoned that way and would not change. Because of the flood zone where water drained during heavy rains, they would not be building in the area. A couple of weeks before I found out the city already had a park planned for that area and that it had been approved two years before I purchased my home. I could have purchased a home across the street for $30,000 or $40,000 less had I been told the truth about the park was going in.

The bottom line is that you can't trust this builder to tell you the whole truth and you can't trust them to be responsible for things like professional drawings and you need to watch every minute of your home construction to make sure you get what you requested. It is truly a buyer be ware situation with Carother's Homes. I'm not saying you shouldn't deal with this company. Only that you need to be very careful with everything you do concerning the business with them.




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